The Route

2018 edition will be held on 17th and 18th of Nov on the back roads and tracks of the Port Hills and Banks Peninsula.

Monday, November 17, 2014

The day after (edited 2100hrs Monday)

Thank you to the 22 crazy peeps who started this year's event.

These are the finish times that I know of on Monday morning:
Times are finish time on Sunday.
Andy Beale (Single Speed!) 0633
Dave Cooper 0633
Hamish Southcote 0650
Aaron Scott 0652
Fluer Pawsey 0753
Dean Ford 0753
Brian Alder 1204
Rob Davidson 1204
Alistair McDowell 1214
Peter Maindonald 1405
Lee Maddox 1800 (with some course deviations)
Matt Hughes 1958

Paul Harrison Lowe 2010
Noel Whiteside 2110
Jon Jarrett, pulled out at Double Fenceline
Kieran McGuigan, pulled out at Dyers Pass and headed home at 1815
Charlotte Ireland and Jude Young, pulled out before Akaroa and "toured" back to Christchurch
Rik Unthank, pulled the plug at Akaroa with sickness
Jurgen Muller, pulled the plug with sickness
Jason Flood, pulled out at Hilltop with knackered glutes!
Andre Galbraith, completed a recovery ride of 100kms between two big events bookending LPB

More to follow this week.

Please send through course reports and photos to here

Thanks, Scott

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