The Route

2018 edition will be held on 17th and 18th of Nov on the back roads and tracks of the Port Hills and Banks Peninsula.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Some random pics

Results (Hours / Minutes)

Darren Tatom Abandoned
Graeme Noble 35:10
Hamish Southcott 31:20
Jasper van der lingen (single speed) Abandoned
Michi Speck 28:09 / Ammended Course
Ollie Whalley 21:55
Paul Lowe 33:55
Scott Emmens 31:20
Sean Richards Abandoned
Simon Kennett 33:30
Tim Mulliner 27:45
Martin Nichols 36:15
Charles Afford 25:15
Lance Griffin Abandoned
Rob Wells 35:10
Geof Blance (single speed) 32:12
Jon Jarratt Abandoned
Claude Dabaliz Abandoned
Dominic Blissett Abandoned
Alastair Duff 35:31
David Drake 33:30
Ross McCulloch Abandoned
Koleighne Ford Abandoned
Rod Time Unkown / Ammended Course
Sean Thompson 35:25
Karen Collins Abandoned
Jeffrey Collins Abandoned
John McGrail 35:25

Random Facts... and the not so factual

Number of times bike had to be lifted over styles: 28
Most unpopular part of course: Bike push at Lake Ellesmere outlet
Favourite part of the course: Flying down Rapaki at the end
Best meal had: Fish'n'chips at Okains Bay
Biggest navigational nightmare: Riding over Fitzgerald with zero visibility
Grimmest part of ride: Bossu Rd between 10pm and 5am
Most historical point: We rode the course of the first ever mountainbike race in New Zealand (Harmans Track) Of course we did it backwards
Dollars raised for Hinewa Reserve: 500
Altitude gain: 7500m
Best accomadation: Toilet at Little River (Tim and Michi) / Barn on Big Hill Rd (?) / Marqee in Akaroa (Hamish & Scott) / Nowhere (Ollie & Charles) / Okains Bay Backpackers (Simon & David)
Best rest stop: Coffee at Sign of the Kiwi after 10km (Jeff)
Most intersting bike setup: Would have to go to mfw's bar protected bike

Le Petit Brevet Doneburger

Congratulations to all who attempted and completed the first Le Petit Brevet. Conditions made for some tough challenging riding, and of course there was always the hills... 7 km of climbing in total! Initial estimates somewhat flawed.

It was great to see familiar and many new faces out there, thanks to all of you who took part.

Photos, stories and results to follow later in the week.

In Ollies own words... "Le Petit Brevet Doneburger"

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Everyone should have received the route notes by now. If you haven't, your not on the start list.

Start time is 8am Hansen Park - near bottom of Rapaki. There will be a short briefing at 7.30am.

See you there!