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2018 edition will be held on 17th and 18th of Nov on the back roads and tracks of the Port Hills and Banks Peninsula.

Friday, November 14, 2014

One day to go!

Last night a friend and I braved the southerly to ride the Double Fenceline section of the course. This section can be tricky in this direction, more so if it is dark or if the visibility is reduced.
It was absolutely freezing up there last night with hail, rain and very strong southerly winds. It was fantastic! What better way to spend a Thursday evening? Please take note about these conditions, there are some VERY exposed sections on this course, be aware.

The weather is still forecast for occasional rain with northwest winds changing to southwest:

The Double Fenceline track is actually pretty easy to follow (when you can see it) with only one or two sticky points which I will hopefully with the cues. There are like about a million fences to cross and some short sections which you will have to walk. I will write up cues for this section and hand them out tomorrow morning.
I have not had many questions from people about the course so I am taking that as meaning you are all confident with the map and cues provided.
Please note that Western Valley Road, which drops down into Little River from the end of the Double Fenceline, has some really rough sections on it currently. There are a few areas with very large and loose gravel, take care on this descent.
The view down towards Little River and Lake Forsyth

There is water available in Little Akaloa at a toilet block in the Domain, on you right has you head down the valley about 200m before the beach. There is a tap at the school in Le Bons Bay which is opposite the shops which is slightly off route.

I hope you have all signed up for the tracking on VORB so everyone can track your progress.
The view down into Pigeon Bay

One last thing, I heard from a fellow participant who had been out on the course doing some training on Le Bons Bay Rd. and found a drawstring bag with some tools and duck tape in it, if you lost this please let me know.

Enjoy a relaxing day, see you tomorrow morning. Start time 7am at Hansen Park.

Cheers, Scott

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