The Route

2018 edition will be held on 17th and 18th of Nov on the back roads and tracks of the Port Hills and Banks Peninsula.

Monday, November 17, 2014

The day after (edited 2100hrs Monday)

Thank you to the 22 crazy peeps who started this year's event.

These are the finish times that I know of on Monday morning:
Times are finish time on Sunday.
Andy Beale (Single Speed!) 0633
Dave Cooper 0633
Hamish Southcote 0650
Aaron Scott 0652
Fluer Pawsey 0753
Dean Ford 0753
Brian Alder 1204
Rob Davidson 1204
Alistair McDowell 1214
Peter Maindonald 1405
Lee Maddox 1800 (with some course deviations)
Matt Hughes 1958

Paul Harrison Lowe 2010
Noel Whiteside 2110
Jon Jarrett, pulled out at Double Fenceline
Kieran McGuigan, pulled out at Dyers Pass and headed home at 1815
Charlotte Ireland and Jude Young, pulled out before Akaroa and "toured" back to Christchurch
Rik Unthank, pulled the plug at Akaroa with sickness
Jurgen Muller, pulled the plug with sickness
Jason Flood, pulled out at Hilltop with knackered glutes!
Andre Galbraith, completed a recovery ride of 100kms between two big events bookending LPB

More to follow this week.

Please send through course reports and photos to here

Thanks, Scott

Friday, November 14, 2014

One day to go!

Last night a friend and I braved the southerly to ride the Double Fenceline section of the course. This section can be tricky in this direction, more so if it is dark or if the visibility is reduced.
It was absolutely freezing up there last night with hail, rain and very strong southerly winds. It was fantastic! What better way to spend a Thursday evening? Please take note about these conditions, there are some VERY exposed sections on this course, be aware.

The weather is still forecast for occasional rain with northwest winds changing to southwest:

The Double Fenceline track is actually pretty easy to follow (when you can see it) with only one or two sticky points which I will hopefully with the cues. There are like about a million fences to cross and some short sections which you will have to walk. I will write up cues for this section and hand them out tomorrow morning.
I have not had many questions from people about the course so I am taking that as meaning you are all confident with the map and cues provided.
Please note that Western Valley Road, which drops down into Little River from the end of the Double Fenceline, has some really rough sections on it currently. There are a few areas with very large and loose gravel, take care on this descent.
The view down towards Little River and Lake Forsyth

There is water available in Little Akaloa at a toilet block in the Domain, on you right has you head down the valley about 200m before the beach. There is a tap at the school in Le Bons Bay which is opposite the shops which is slightly off route.

I hope you have all signed up for the tracking on VORB so everyone can track your progress.
The view down into Pigeon Bay

One last thing, I heard from a fellow participant who had been out on the course doing some training on Le Bons Bay Rd. and found a drawstring bag with some tools and duck tape in it, if you lost this please let me know.

Enjoy a relaxing day, see you tomorrow morning. Start time 7am at Hansen Park.

Cheers, Scott

Monday, November 10, 2014

Monday's update

Hi, hopefully you are all starting to get excited about the weekend's fun?

The weather is looking marginal - warm but wet:
Make sure you are carrying enough equipment and clothing. Remember this is a self supported event, you either have to carry it or buy it on the way!
The first year the LPB was run there was a pretty cold Southerly that blew in overnight on the Saturday. A few people got caught out and spent an uncomfortable few hours in the public toilet in Little River! There are some very exposed sections so carry a waterproof layer and some extra food. Understand your own experience levels and tolerance for being wet.

As an added bonus this year Rik from VORB has set up a live tracking system which can be found here. Everything you need to know can be found here:!280&app=Word 
Basically you need to sign up to VORB, grab an app for your Android phone (sorry only Android, no iPhones) follow the instructions from the link above.
Make sure you tell all of your friends and loved ones then ride, ride, ride :-)

I am assuming everyone who had registered an interest via email has received the cues, if not flick me an email here

Until tomorrow, Scott

Sunday, November 9, 2014

This time next week it'll be all over

Hello one n all,
Well this time next Sunday evening you will be all finished and probably tucked up in bed with a mug of Milo.
I have adjusted the map on mapometer here to reflect the Packhorse Hut section more accurately. I rode this section today with a friend, it's in primo condition and really adds something to the ride. I wish we had been up here before now!
The cues are ready also and I will email these out to everyone who has emailed me with an intention to start.
If you haven't received the cues and you think you should have or you would like to receive them please flick me an email at
The cues are in an Excel file are designed for you to format however you want them.
The .gpx file can be downloaded from the mapometer link above.
That's all for tonight.
Start getting some sleep in the bank, cheers, Scott

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Back in the country!

Hi everyone, I am back in the country and am ticking away on bits in pieces.
I have the cue sheets which Brian did up for us and am just going over them. I hope to release these by Sunday evening.
We have about 16 names in the hat so far.
More to follow.
I hope your training and prep is all going well.
Cheers, Scott