The Route

2018 edition will be held on 17th and 18th of Nov on the back roads and tracks of the Port Hills and Banks Peninsula.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Keen Men and Women

The current list of people signed up is:
(to sign up, flick me an email: timmulliner at yahoo dot co dot uk

Christopher ?
Darren Tatom
Graeme Noble
Hamish Southcott
Jasper van der lingen (single speed)
John Randal
Malcolm Stoney
Michi Speck
Ollie Whalley
Paul Lowe
Richard Greer
Scott Emmens
Sean Richards
Simon Kennett
Tim Mulliner
Martin Nichols
Charles Afford
Lance Griffin
Rob Wells
Geof Balance (Single Speed)
Jon Jarratt
Claude Dabaliz
Dominic Blissett
Alastair Duff
David Drake
Ross McCulloch
Koleighne Ford
Dayle McLauchlan
Sean Thompson
Karen Collins
Jeffrey Collins

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Route Corrections

**I have updated the route on mapmyrun to include the following changes (18/10/10):

I am having trouble editing the Mapmyrun route so will post minor route corrections here. Note that I will provide a cue sheet 3-4 weeks before Brevet day.

1. The route out of Okains Bay to Panama rd is incorrect on Mapmyrun. Instead, after descending into Okains Bay, cross Opara Stream via bridge, turn left at intersection and then right up Big Hill Rd. This Rd. becomes Camerons Track, turn left at Lavericks Ridge Rd, then right at Panama Rd. as per route.

2. The route out of Le Bons Bay should follow Le Bons Bay Rd NOT Le Bons Bay Valley Rd

If the Lake Ellesmere Outlet is Open (to the sea) then an alternative route will be selected. This will probably involve continuing along the Rail Trail and then...something to make up the miles? I'll let you know on the day!

Rode most of the middle part of the route last weekend (Little River - Little River) and you can be rest assured that there was a flat bit (don't blink)!

Note route is Clockwise