The Route

2018 edition will be held on 17th and 18th of Nov on the back roads and tracks of the Port Hills and Banks Peninsula.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Results - some by hear say

Anja McDonald
19hrs 41mins 38sec
Tristan Rawlance
19hrs 41mins 38sec
David Cooper
21hrs 36mins
Rob Davidson
26hrs 46mins
Brian Alder
26hrs 46mins
Geof Blance
29hrs 45mins
Ken Scott
29hrs 45mins
Andre Galbrath
31hrs 28mins
Scott Emmens
31hrs 28mins
Lee Maddox
33hrs 45mins
Jason Flood
35hrs 35mins
David King
Dave Sharp 
c15hrs 30mins to Diamond Harbour 
Nathan Mawkes
33hrs 14mins with slight variation back up Gebbies/Summit Rd for good measure
Richard Scott
Joe Jagusch
Jasper van der Linden (SS)

Some photos of my ride

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Quick update because I knackered and want to go to bed ;-)

Well I mentioned in an earlier post that I thought this may have been a slightly easier course than in the past. Not so sure that's correct!

Below is a list of starters and finish time if known:
Anja McDonald 19hrs 41mins 38sec!!!!
Tristan Rawlence 19hrs 41mins 38sec!!!!
Dave Sharp DNF (although managed to make the last ferry at Diamond Harbour at 11pm!!)
Rob Davidson Approx 26hrs 45 mins
Geof Blance 29hrs 45mins
Ken Scott 29hrs 45mins
Andre Galbraith 31hrs 28mins
Scott Emmens 31hrs 28mins
Richard Scott DNF
Lee Maddox 33hrs 45mins
Nathan Mawkes
David Cooper 21hrs 36mins
Jason Flood 35hrs 30min
Jasper van der Linden (SS) DNF
Brian Alder 26hrs 46 mins
Joe Jagusch DNF
Dave King ??

"Results" TBC.

Sleep well, Scott

Friday, November 15, 2013

Final update

Looking perfect, might be a bit hot out there but not too bad!
Stay hydrated, put sunscreen on, take time to look around and enjoy.
See you all in the morning, 7am start from Hansen Park. We'll have a chat before hand so maybe turn up at 6.50am ish.
Cheers, Scott

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Changable weather and fish n chips

Weather fore-guess has changed again!
I have just spoken to the Okains Bay store, their confirmed hours are 8.30-7pm on Saturday with Fish and Chips available from 1-7pm, and 8.30am-4.30pm ish on Sunday with NO fish and chips available on Sunday.

There is a natural spring on the Summit Road, 8km on from Dyers Pass Road crossing. Very early on in the event but means you don't need to carry litres of water up Rapaki Track and along most of the Summit Rd.

Start "banking" some sleep those of you planning on pushing the whole way through....

Cheers, Scott

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Looking even better

Looking even better than yesterday! Remember your sunscreen.
I got a message overnight from the Founding Father of LPB, Tim. He is currently residing in deepest darkest Denmark yet still keeping abreast of the LPB goings on. He noted that the water at Okains Bay school needs treating (I did not treat it two years ago and lived), you have been warned :-)
I also found Tim's cues from last year and they give another good description of the route across from Purau Saddle via the Monument Track to Port Levy Saddle. I will email these out for your reference.
Spread the good word, we don't have many hardy souls prepared to toe the line this year.
More info as I think of it.
Enjoy your Tuesday, Scott

Monday, November 11, 2013

Weather's looking good

Looking good at this stage.
Nice and mild, little wind and a chance of some moisture on Sunday.
There is a shop in Okains Bay, a few hundred metres off course on Okains Bay Road. Looks like the opening hours are 8am-7pm on Saturday and 8.30am - 4pm-ish on Sunday. There is water there (if you miss the store opening hours) at the school opposite the store.
There's water at Little Akaloa too, at the toilet bloke in the domain a few hundred metres up Little Akaloa Rd. behind the tennis courts.
More info as I think of it.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Back in the land of Brevet

Hi one and all, sorry for the lack of communications, I have been otherwise occupied with a wedding and honeymoon. Try as I might to get the cues out before the big day (mine, not Le Petit Brevet), time got away from me.
I have emailed all whom have registered interest with a copy of the cues. If you did that, and are reading this but haven't received the email with the cues, please flick me an email asking for them OR if you are now interested send me an email and I'll flick you a copy of the cues.
I would like to offer a special mention here to Geof Blance for helping me out with these by passing his experienced eyes over them and Andre Galbraith for adding the "resets" and intermediate distances etc.
Geof pointed out to me that last year the farmer at Takamatua had an electric fence across the Old French Road at around the 122km mark (highlighted in yellow on cues). If this is the case again this year please go back out to the Christchurch Akaroa Road, turn right and continue towards Akaroa rejoining the mapped and "cued" route at "122.65km Straight on, start descent (now left onto) Old Coach Road" (of course the milage will now be a little out).
I will talk about this at the start also.
Also the start is at Hansen Park which is in Opawa/St Martins, off Hawford Road.
I will try and put another update up later in the week.
Thanks very much, Scott