The Route

2018 edition will be held on 17th and 18th of Nov on the back roads and tracks of the Port Hills and Banks Peninsula.

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

2018 - New year, same suffering......

After a couple of years off from organising the LPB I've decided the time is right to bring it back. My enthusiasm is back.
17/18 November 2018
Put your big kids pants on and get ready to start climbing. There is nowhere to hide on Banks Peninsular, you're either climbing or descending - steeply!
We're going back to where it all began, with some subtle and not so subtle changes.
Heres an image of the route as it stands today, be aware this may change as I suss out some of the subtle changes.
I'll be back in touch over the next few weeks with nuggets of information. In the meantime if you're interested let me know at

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Getting Close

Hello one and all, as I sit here on Wednesday afternoon and look to my right, out the window towards the Port Hills and Castle Rock I can see a clearing sky, yahoo. It seems the predicted southerly blast has blown through already which bodes well for the weekend sufferfest.

We have over 30 people "signed" up for this years adventure, a large number for such a fringe event, you are all crazy!

Here's an image of the course

You can find details of the course here

If you have not received an email containing the .gpx file of the course along with a couple of versions of the cue sheets you aren't on my list. If you want to come and play, best email me quick-smart.

Thanks to Rosie and Craig for getting out and checking parts of the course last weekend, and discovering a closed road! I have had to remove the back road section from Charteris Bay across to Purau, the real downside to this is now you will be tempted by a shop and a couple of cafes as you ride by them ;-)

I have added a couple of “zero” points on the .csv cue sheet file which allows more accurate measurements, especially if you go off route for food/water etc. Hope this helps. Please note this file is editable so you can organise you cue sheets how you like them.
The .pdf file is auto generated.
The .gpx file should have the turns loaded as waypoints to aid navigation by GPS.

There is now tracking available via MAProgress for this event for those of you with your own Spot devices. It is not compulsory and Shane is providing this service for free. If you are keen to be tracked on the MAProgress site please let Shane know via the website

There is no entry fee for this event, in the past we have passed a “hat” around at the start for donations which are then made to a nominated charity. Bring some cash to chuck in the hat if you would like too, no pressure.

This is a self supported backpacking event. No outside assistance other than commercially available services.
You are on your own once you start. I’m going to be out there suffering like the rest of you so I can’t help. It is up to you to get to the finish, or get rescued. The majority on the course, 90% is on public roads, you MUST follow the NZ Road Rules at all times.
It is likely you will do some riding in the dark, make sure you have lights, with fresh batteries!

Start time is 7am on Saturday morning from Hansen Park in Opawa.

See you all on Saturday morning, Scott

Friday, October 16, 2015

On second thoughts

Hi again everyone, hindsight is a wonderful thing, it allows a female deer to see behind her and it allows humans to change there minds whilst saving face ;-)

I rode the first climbs of the LPB2015 again last night. I really really enjoy them, they are a real challenge due to the very rocky, sketchy nature of them. They are fun on a full suspension bike, the rocks on the Port Hills are unforgiving. They are not fun on a fully rigid bike (and I shudder to think what they'd be like on a 'cross bike), the challenging nature just becomes an annoyance that nobody needs at the start of a 300km climbfest.
Consequently I have taken out the Greenwood/Mt Pleasant and Castle Rock tracks from the course. You will still climb from Sumner to Evans Pass via the Captain Thomas track (please note there are three rock sections that you will have to walk) but from there we will follow the Summit Road all the way to the start of the Witch Hill track.

I have updated the map and will send out revised .gpx files and cue sheets.

Cheers, Scott

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Course finalised

Hi one and all, hope this finds you all fit and well?

I have finalised the course.

The .gpx file and cue sheets (one as a pdf and one as .csv which you can format yourself) will be supplied this week to those who have emailed me. These are for planning purposes BUT be aware there may be slight changes between now and the start.

Here is a link to the course on LPB 2015

Cheers, Scott

Thursday, October 8, 2015

2015 LPB info

It is about time I got this puppy up and running.

The 2015 edition of Le Petit Brevet will take place on the 7/8th November.

Leaving Hanson Park at 7am on the Saturday morning you have 36 hours to complete the 301km course.
This year we are going back to the first editions route with a couple of changes. There is a nice 8km or so singletrack climb near the beginning which is rocky in places. Cross bikes and rigid forks will make this a little more challenging.

Here is an overview of the course:
Yep, you read correctly, 8767m of climbing so 100m short of an "Everest" but in my experience these mapping programmes under estimate the elevation by a fair bit :-)

Here is a link to the ridewithgps page

I will get the cue sheets sorted in the next week and will add resupply points off route etc. I will also provide a .gpx file.

The logistics of this ride can be challenging as there are limited resupply points on Banks Peninsular , so plan accordingly.
Here is a quick breakdown of resupply points (not down to the meter), of course all of this is dependant on when you get to the various points:
11km - Sumner
39km - Spring/Water
59km - OFF Route - Diamond Harbour
69km - OFF Route - Water at Port Levy School
110km - OFF Route - Little River
133km - Water at Little Akaloa Domain
147km - OFF Route Okains Bay Store (sporadic hours) also water at the Okains Bay School
182km - Akaroa
191km - Duvauchelle
233km - OFF Route - Little River
270km - Lincoln

The first year the LPB ran, a Southerly blew through catching some people out. Be prepared, it is very exposed at points on the course.

Sign up by sending me an email to

Cheers, Scott

Monday, November 17, 2014

The day after (edited 2100hrs Monday)

Thank you to the 22 crazy peeps who started this year's event.

These are the finish times that I know of on Monday morning:
Times are finish time on Sunday.
Andy Beale (Single Speed!) 0633
Dave Cooper 0633
Hamish Southcote 0650
Aaron Scott 0652
Fluer Pawsey 0753
Dean Ford 0753
Brian Alder 1204
Rob Davidson 1204
Alistair McDowell 1214
Peter Maindonald 1405
Lee Maddox 1800 (with some course deviations)
Matt Hughes 1958

Paul Harrison Lowe 2010
Noel Whiteside 2110
Jon Jarrett, pulled out at Double Fenceline
Kieran McGuigan, pulled out at Dyers Pass and headed home at 1815
Charlotte Ireland and Jude Young, pulled out before Akaroa and "toured" back to Christchurch
Rik Unthank, pulled the plug at Akaroa with sickness
Jurgen Muller, pulled the plug with sickness
Jason Flood, pulled out at Hilltop with knackered glutes!
Andre Galbraith, completed a recovery ride of 100kms between two big events bookending LPB

More to follow this week.

Please send through course reports and photos to here

Thanks, Scott

Friday, November 14, 2014

One day to go!

Last night a friend and I braved the southerly to ride the Double Fenceline section of the course. This section can be tricky in this direction, more so if it is dark or if the visibility is reduced.
It was absolutely freezing up there last night with hail, rain and very strong southerly winds. It was fantastic! What better way to spend a Thursday evening? Please take note about these conditions, there are some VERY exposed sections on this course, be aware.

The weather is still forecast for occasional rain with northwest winds changing to southwest:

The Double Fenceline track is actually pretty easy to follow (when you can see it) with only one or two sticky points which I will hopefully with the cues. There are like about a million fences to cross and some short sections which you will have to walk. I will write up cues for this section and hand them out tomorrow morning.
I have not had many questions from people about the course so I am taking that as meaning you are all confident with the map and cues provided.
Please note that Western Valley Road, which drops down into Little River from the end of the Double Fenceline, has some really rough sections on it currently. There are a few areas with very large and loose gravel, take care on this descent.
The view down towards Little River and Lake Forsyth

There is water available in Little Akaloa at a toilet block in the Domain, on you right has you head down the valley about 200m before the beach. There is a tap at the school in Le Bons Bay which is opposite the shops which is slightly off route.

I hope you have all signed up for the tracking on VORB so everyone can track your progress.
The view down into Pigeon Bay

One last thing, I heard from a fellow participant who had been out on the course doing some training on Le Bons Bay Rd. and found a drawstring bag with some tools and duck tape in it, if you lost this please let me know.

Enjoy a relaxing day, see you tomorrow morning. Start time 7am at Hansen Park.

Cheers, Scott