The Route

2019 edition will be held on 23rd and 24th of Nov on the back roads and tracks of the Port Hills and Banks Peninsula.

Monday, November 25, 2019

Post ride wrap up!

Thanks so much to the dirty dozen that took on the beast this year!

I've not heard many (any) full reports for the weekend's fun so I'm assuming that everything was as expected?

Without further adieu, here is the finishing order that I am aware of:
Coburn Brown 0136hrs (18 hours & 26 mins)
Martin Genet 0547hrs (22 hours & 37 mins)
Nick Kennedy 1135hrs (28 hours & 25 mins)
John Lubbe 1151hrs (28 hours & 41 mins)
James McLafferty 1249hrs (29 hours & 39 mins)
Darren Smith 1623hrs (33 hours & 13 mins)
Rachel Davies 1631hrs (33 hours & 21 mins)

The first text I received to tell me the course had beaten someone was at 1930hrs. Ashley pulled the pin at Hilltop and described the event as brutal, I think that's fair enough ;-)
Next text was at 2150hrs from the Back Alley Boys sighting chaffing and sore arms as defeating them!

Thanks again for toeing the startline!

Cheers, Scott