Monday, June 15, 2020

Great Kiwi Gravel

In the interest of keeping things simple, we have created a single blog site to manage our events. 

Great Kiwi Gravel is now the home of the Le Petit and Kiwi Brevet's. It is also the home of the inaugural Tuatara Brevet.

Check the blog out here as that is where all information will be posted going forward.

This blog will continue to exist and hold all the history that is here, it will just no longer be updated. 

Thanks for coming along for the ride. 

Saturday, June 6, 2020

The concept of K-Two

A while ago a post appeared on Instagram that shared the following rules and regulations:

KTWO Notice

In order to complete a KTWO the individual must climb 8611 vertical meters.

The effort must be achieved without a support crew. Food, equipment and water may be stashed by the individual prior to the attempt. Any services available on the route may be accessed.

The same road, trail or route may only be used once in each direction. Repeats are not permitted.

Point to point routes are permitted.

All forms of human powered movement are accepted and a combination of these movements may be used.

To qualify as an official KTWO the meters should be accumulated in what you deem a single push. Multi day attempts are still encouraged. 

Le Petit Brevet follows these rules closely, while omitting the stashing rule. With a few slight course changes, the brevet this year is a qualifying ride. 

Challenge accepted??

Wednesday, May 6, 2020

2020 it is a date!

Hi there,
2020 has been a full range of challenges so far, and the Le Petit Brevet is back for 2020 to give us something to train for.

November 7th and 8th, 7am Saturday until 7pm Sunday 2020, Hansen's Park Christchurch.

Once again the process will be simple, registration, entry etc simple, the challenge will not be. 2020 sees the course reach new heights with a couple of fresh ideas in the mix.

Also, Scott has hung up his organising boots after a number of years of sorting out the fun for you all. I'm Andy and I am keen to keep creating adventures for you to accept. You may remember me from 2019 and the roll around to Diamond Harbour?

In the mean time I am going to get into scheming, you hopefully are on your bike and if you have any questions -

Be careful out there
Andy C

Monday, November 25, 2019

Post ride wrap up!

Thanks so much to the dirty dozen that took on the beast this year!

I've not heard many (any) full reports for the weekend's fun so I'm assuming that everything was as expected?

Without further adieu, here is the finishing order that I am aware of:
Coburn Brown 0136hrs (18 hours & 26 mins)
Martin Genet 0547hrs (22 hours & 37 mins)
Nick Kennedy 1135hrs (28 hours & 25 mins)
John Lubbe 1151hrs (28 hours & 41 mins)
James McLafferty 1249hrs (29 hours & 39 mins)
Darren Smith 1623hrs (33 hours & 13 mins)
Rachel Davies 1631hrs (33 hours & 21 mins)

The first text I received to tell me the course had beaten someone was at 1930hrs. Ashley pulled the pin at Hilltop and described the event as brutal, I think that's fair enough ;-)
Next text was at 2150hrs from the Back Alley Boys sighting chaffing and sore arms as defeating them!

Thanks again for toeing the startline!

Cheers, Scott

Thursday, October 17, 2019

I've been asked to, so I'm setting a date for 2019

Hello, I've been asked by several people about a 2019 version, so here ya go.

23rd/24th November 2019, Hansen Park at 7am.

Same course as last year which can be found here Same direction.

Any questions please email

Thursday, November 22, 2018

That's a wrap

Good morning!

Thanks everyone for coming along to this crazy little event. It's certainly not a mass participation event, in fact it has "limited appeal". Hopefully some, or all, of you enjoyed the ride and are contemplating coming back? I'm pretty sure this is my fifth (and suspect my final) time riding the LPB ;-)

We had perfect weather conditions this year which always helps. I'm pretty sure this is the highest finish rate of any LPB.

OK so here is the finishing order as far as I know. Please let me know if there are any mistakes.

Joshua Aldridge 10.06 pm - 14 hours and 56 minutes!!!!!!
Martin Strelka    11.40 pm
Andy Beale         1.44 am
Jeff Lyall            04.43 am
Dylan Turner      12.03pm
Nick Kennedy    12.19 pm
John Lubbe         12.38 pm
Paul Lowe          1.15 pm
Andrew Laurie   2.08 pm
Jon Jarrett           2.15 pm
David Johanson  2.44 pm
Tad Mejdr           3.10 pm (Single Speed!)
Rufus Wenlock   5.20 pm
Holly Johnson    5.20 pm
Joe Nation          5.20 pm
Rohan Butt         5.20 pm
Ross Cheesman  5.36 pm
Rod Pearson       5.36 pm
Scott Emmens    5.36 pm

Olly Pearce gets a very very honourable mention, he got all the way to Dyers Pass before the sleep monster took hold of his mind and forced him to "short" course. By the looks of it he would have been third in the above list.
Rob Dawson and Richard Lindsay had a date with a tasty beverage in Akaroa so decided to ride along the Summit Road from Hill top whilst still taking ion the delete that is Purple Peak Stock Route first.
Eva Mrazikova completed her own version of the LPB.
And Peter Page was surprised by what lay beyond his personal "Wall of the East" at Purau Saddle, especially enjoying taking his bike for a walk
across the Double Fenceline.

Thanks again you guys, you make the effort of organising this stupid event worth while.

Josh - that is a phenomenal time, as were your times Martin, Olly and Andy. I'm in awe.

Cheers, Scott

Thursday, November 15, 2018

Check out this site....

I was shown this site recently. I very much like what it's saying for the weekend,173.202,9,m:cr6akXx

Everyone feeling ok?